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Moringa….the Food of the Future !!

We heard about Moringa ( Moringa oleifera ) recently, but the infos we get are so incredible that we immediately got involved..we bought some seeds and planted them, after one week we had the first little plantules in our pots and from last week we transplanted them in the ground, for our first experiment with it….

We will post pictures of this first attempt with this incredible plant soon, in the while, if you are thinking to became the Owner of a Tropical Micro Farm, start seeing this video, and we we will talk about a piece of land that would work for you, here, in the Osa Peninsula





The Perfect Escape from The Perfect Storm

In the Past years the idea that “…big is Beautiful and Good…” was the dominant concept about almost every field of our lives, including Osa Peninsula Real Estate, and everybody was looking for huge properties, with exotic features, often with no relation at all with the kind of use it was supposed to have.

After the 2008 Wall Street crash, the world is no more the same.

So now nine over ten inquiries we receive at The Osa Peninsula Properties,  are about small pieces of land with basic features as road access, electric grid, title, possibility of build a simple house and , if possible, some fruit tree already producing.

Fruits of Mamon Chino o Rambutan ( Nephelium lappaceum L. ) in a Micro Eco Organic Farm in the Osa Peninsula

Fruits of Mamon Chino o Rambutan ( Nephelium lappaceum L. ) in a Micro Eco Organic Farm in the Osa Peninsula


Oceanfront Properties are now at the end of the list of inquiries, while Ocean View or Forest View Properties, are still considered an interesting feature, but only if they offer  good land for to plant fruit trees, vegetable, grains for the chickens  and there is some good source of freshwater inside the property

What does this means?  It means that a lot of people tired of fighting against a bad economy, rising social and interpersonal problems, more inquisitive rules that reduce everybody freedom, are thinking to  a possible escape to all this jazz and are looking for a small piece of paradise where to live and produce all, or the most of what is necessary for a simple, healthy, rural lifestyle , before that the Perfect Storm will erase everything.

The good new is that, due to the same world recession, the prices of small lands and medium farms have decreased sensibly.

In this moment, for example, we area able to offer a piece of fertile land of 2.3 hectares ( almost 6 acres), on the hills close to Puerto Jimenez, with good water, a creek running on the lower border of the property, a small but sturdy house, gentle breeze for a relaxing sleeping, great forest view, a good road that need 4WD only during the Rainy Season and more available land on one border, for the really bargain price of 50.000 USD


6 acres of fertile land good for a Small-Eco-Organic Farm with a simple house in  the Osa Peninsula

6 acres of fertile land good for a Small-Eco-Organic Farm with a simple house in the Osa Peninsula

This Property, located at less than 20 minutes from Puerto Jimenez Downtown, offers the opportunity to start immediately a project of Micro Farming with the possibility of live in the same property from the very first day, using the existing small, but sturdy house, all built with tropical hardwood collected in the same property by the former owner.

The land around the House had been used for to produce fruits and vegetables in the past ten years, and it is ready for to receive new seeds and give food enough for to easily sustain a family and chickens, some pig, rabbits, goats, etc.


So, if you have a budget inside the 100.000 USD for to buy a piece of land for to start your Micro Eco Farm, considering, maybe a 50.000 for the land and another 50.000 for the House building, here we are offering you an unique opportunity for to  save 50.000 USD for a fresh start, and use the saved money for to improve the existent house or the farm set-up.

Call us at our office phone : ++ 506 2735 56 26

or email us at  : info@theosapeninsulaproperties.com

You will never find a better opportunity for a Perfect Escape to the Perfect Storm that is already over us.